Max Lucado’s book The Oak inside the Acorn illustrates the great possibilities that a tiny acorn has when nurtured.  With the right foundation and root system the acorn has the possibility of becoming a great Oak Tree.  We feel this is the same with children.  When they are nurtured and given a foundation of Godly principles and a Biblical root system they have the potential to be spiritual giants even though they are small in size.

At Calvary we want to strengthen you as parents to be the spiritual gardener that your child needs.  We want to work along side you to help you have all that you need to help your child grow spiritually.  We nourish your child with such great opportunities like Sunday School, extended session, Little Church, and Mission Friends.  Along with various fun activities that happen through out the year like Fall Festival, Christmas Parties, Valentines Parties, and Easter Egg Hunts.