The Worship Ministry of Calvary Baptist Church encourages you to fulfill one of your life purposes intended by your Creator – to worship God with all of your being, expressed in your daily life and shared with others through worship events…[more]



In the youth department, our desire is to see teenagers develop a relationship with Jesus Christ and become his true disciples. It is our hope that we can work alongside parents in an effort to establish a kingdom-oriented mindset both in the church and in the home. We wish to strengthen the faith of our teens and their peers and that Christ would be lifted high…[more]



IMG_9966Calvary Kidz

In the Children’s department we want to continue to assist you as a parent in the Spiritual development of your children.  We want them to experience what it means to have a one on one relationship with Jesus Christ.    As your child grows in his or her walk with the Lord we hope at this point to begin to start putting their faith into action…[more]



Max Lucado’s book The Oak inside the Acorn illustrates the great possibilities that a tiny acorn has when nurtured.  With the right foundation and root system the acorn has the possibility of becoming a great Oak Tree.  We feel this is the same with children… [more]



12644994_10209229683606318_8365876571850899277_nThe Sisterhood

The Sisterhood is a group of women who are Influencing the world for Christ as  “Sisters Serving The Savior”.  They have around 40 active members, meet once a month and are very active in missions and serving others. Offerings are taken up at the meetings and spent on immediate needs, such as school uniforms or helping a family who lost a job…[more]




The Brotherhood